Protea holosericea (Saw-edge sugarbush)


  • Title:  Protea holosericea (Saw-edge sugarbush)
  • Description:  One of the rarest proteas as well as one of the loveliest, this species was believed to be extinct for 164 years from 1801 until rediscovery in 1965, and just a few hundred plants exist in nature. Fortunately it is in limited cultivation in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It is slow to propagate, however, so it is likely to always be in short supply. Some nurserymen are experimenting with grafting onto vigorous rootstocks in an effort to improve reliability and thereby boost numbers. Usually forming a low, spreading bush of 1.3 m tall and 2 m wide, this slow-growing protea superficially resembles a small P. magnifica, but the flowers are quite different and exceptionally beautiful, with predominately white bracts that are heavily tipped with black fur. the central cream coloured flower mass has a prominent black peak, adding further to the striking black-and-white pattern. These are normally produced during the mid-spring months, but in some climates can be seen over late winter. These blooms are carried on short stems, usually horizontally and may be weighed down by the flower head to give a pendulous effect. At the top of the bush they may be more borne more vertically. They make delightfully different, long-lasting cut flowers and also dry particularly well. The rocky, natural habitat of P. holosericea, with snowy winters and harsh dry summers, is indicative of its preferred conditions. Frost is not usually a problem, and full sun is preferred. Rich soils and fertilisers are to be avoided. Moist, humid climates will usually prove fatal.
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